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Cutting Edge Clinical Research

Advancing medical breakthroughs, one patient at a time.  Accepting participants now.

New England Institute for Clinical Research

Medicine is constantly moving forward. New ideas and new innovations gleaned from clinical research are radically changing how we treat patients, and improving their lives in the process. At New England Institute for Clinical Research we are on the forefront of this adventure, bringing state-of-the-art research programs from the pharmaceutical industry, academia, medical societies and patient advocacy groups to the New England and metro New York community.

Who We Are

Our core research team has participated in more than one hundred studies, and over 90% of our research endeavors have resulted in the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of new devices and oral and injectable medicines for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of diseases. While developing safer, stronger, targeted therapies is our mission, we never lose sight of our core value: to provide holistic, patient-centered care in a warm, caring environment. Clinical research is one important way we accomplish this.

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New England Institute for Clinical Research

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