Cluster Headache Study

Cluster headache (CH) has been described as one of the most painful conditions a human can experience.  Its nickname, suicide headache, accurately conveys the sentiment many cluster patients feel when in a cluster cycle. CH can be divided into to groups: those that cluster (that is, the headaches occur for weeks, are then gone for many months, then return.  This is called episodic cluster), and those that no longer cluster (chronic cluster), but rather occur every day without interruption.  Acute therapies include inhaled oxygen and sumatriptan injections, but there are no preventive treatments currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At NEICR we’re committed to cluster headache patients.  Over the years, we’ve been involved in more cluster studies then just about any other research organization.  Some of these projects include the Autonomic Technologies Pulsante implantable SPG stimulator, the Electrocore Gammacore ACT 1 vagus nerve stimulator trial, and several monoclonal CGRP studies.  Our currently available studies include Eli Lilly’s galcanezumab, for both episodic and chronic cluster headache.


At NEICR we have several exciting trials for cluster headache.

  • Both Lilly pharmaceuticals and Teva pharmaceuticals have studies of monthly injections of a CGRP monoclonal antibody for both episodic and chronic cluster headaches.
    Learn More (Lilly)  /  Learn More (Teva)


If you or someone you know suffers from this devastating condition, please call us at 203-914-1903.  Even if we don’t have an active study that’s a right fit for you, we’ll get your information and contact you as soon as one opens up.

These and all studies at NEICR are free, and there is compensation provided for time and travel.  To enroll or learn more fill out the form below or call us at 203-914-1903.

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